Hotels in New Orleans

Are you planning on visiting New Orleans but leaving the RV rentals behind? What you need is a great hotel to stay at. While RV parks can be found in the area, you may be looking to stay near the action.

The great news is that there are quite a few budget-friendly hotels in the area, from places near the French Quarter to other options in quieter areas. RV rentals have their place but when you want to visit and enjoy New Orleans, the best thing to do is to stay in a hotel where all the action is.

Just because you’re staying in a cool city and possibly right in the middle of it all does not mean that you will spend thousands. There are options available that will provide you with great location and quality lodging. The following hotels are just a few of the more budget-friendly options that are available for those who want to get the most out of their time in New Orleans:

1.Hotel Villa Convento

You’ll discover that many of the local hotels found in the French Quarter are actually made in old buildings from the 1800s. While not all of them are built at the original buildings, some of the hotels are and Hotel Villa Convento is actually a Creole townhouse that was built in the 1830s. Because you’ll be right smack in the middle of the French Quarter, you’ll have the ability to simply walk to wherever you feel like.

2.Olivier House Hotel

As with many of the hotels in New Orleans, the Olivier House is a historic hotel that was once the home of Madame Olivier all the way back in 1839. Located near the French Quarter, the location can’t be beat if you’re looking for a spot that allows you to walk to where you want to go. Be aware that parking is a bit pricey there but otherwise, it’s a pretty affordable place for you to spend the night while traveling on a budget. From the open-air courtyards to the beautiful rooms and the great WiFi connection, you’ll have everything you need when you stay there.


All into your millennial quotes and phrases? There’s a hotel for that. Moxy may what’s trending in the world of budget yet tech-forward rooms and with good reason. You can enjoy comfortable rooms with all kinds of special amenities on-site, thanks to Marriot. If you’re looking to pay under $200 a night while in the city, this is a pretty ideal option for you.

4.Hotel Provincial

This hotel has a bit of a haunting story to it. It is supposed that the ghost of a solider from the Civil War still walks the halls at night. As with any supposedly haunted hotel, it is just a story, but still one that brings people to stay the night there often. If you’ve been looking for a unique place to stay while in the city, this may be the perfect budget-friendly option for you. Another unique thing about Hotel Provincial is the fact that there are several buildings, due to the fact that this was once the land where a hospital stood.

5.Creole Inn

A real authentic experience, the Creole Inn may not be fancy but it sure is a unique place to stay just a stone throw away from the French Quarter. Old-fashioned décor and unique names for each room are just a few of the oddities that are somehow pleasant at this great and quaint little hotel located in a historic New Orleans building. As cute and chic as this historic place is, it’s prices aren’t what you would think. The price range is what you would find at any generic hotel in some random town while on a road trip but except you’ll be staying in the most unique city around and just a few minutes away from where everything is happening.

In Conclusion

Are you ready to have the time of your life in New Orleans? Don’t hesitate to make it a destination on your road trip throughout the country. From the history to the French Quarter and the unique food, New Orleans isn’t like any other city you’ll find in the country. Original and crazy, it’s just the right amount of chaos for fun-loving people looking to have a good time.

While we usually suggest staying in RV rentals while on a road trip, we think New Orleans offers too much history and excitement for you to stay outside of the French Quarter. In order to get around easily and make the most of your trip there, you will want to stay as close to the center as possible. Staying at one of these budget-friendly hotels will help you to do just that.