five-star hotel

We all want to holiday at top rated hotel. They are just like home only with more comfort and luxury. A five-star hotel especially for an exotic holiday is one of the best choices you can make. The level of service and professionalism will ensure that you enjoy your holiday better.

In this article are some things that you can do to make your stay at a five-star hotel better and more pleasurable.

Carry your own entertainment

If you are traveling for business and will have to have a short stay at a hotel, ensure that you carry your own entertainment. Often, when you travel to a foreign country, especially one where they speak a different language, it may be difficult to catch your favorite form of entertainment.

So, carry your own music and books to read while you rest and enjoy the hotel service in your room.

Ask for a room with a view

Most 5 star hotels in Jakarta Indonesia, tower above the many other buildings around them. Asking for a room with a view ensures that you can take in the city below you when you look out your window.

A good view of the place you are visiting helps you connect with it and to like it better than the locals as all you have on it are beautiful memories and images of the view you have from your hotel room.

Enjoy the amenities

Why go to a hotel and not use their amazing facilities and amenities used to attract you to them?

Make sure that you make use of the hotel gym and spa services if available. They build them for their guests and most times are included in the price of your stay.

Besides, they are there to ensure that you stay at the the hotel is pleasurable and comfortable.

Ensure that the room is comfortable

Once you get to your assigned room, look around and make sure that it has everything you require. If there is something you need, ask as soon as you check in rather than later. Asking later may cause an inconvenience to the hotel staff and to you too.

If the windows are closed, open them to bring in fresh air into the room.

Look out for your safety and security

Besides comfort, also check to see that the room is safe and secure. Ensure that the safe works properly so that you can leave your valuables in it as you leave the room. Also find out how safe it is outside of the hotel in case you venture out on yourself.

Join other hotel guests

Even if you enjoy your company, make sure that you interact with other guests in the hotel. Enquire on whether the hotel offers any special activities for its guests and enroll.

These additional activities and hotel amenities will ensure that you meet other guests staying at the hotel for productive interaction.

Making new friends as you travel is quite exciting and helps you improve your social skills and gain extensive knowledge and ideas.

Set local time

If you have traveled to a different time zone from your usual one, ensure that you set your watch to local time. This helps you to be in time for meals and other activities. If you are on a business trip, it will ensure that you arrive on time for your meetings and other activities.

To have a fruitful day, it is important that you are well rested. If you do not have the correct time, you may have a few hours of sleep which will not be helpful to your productivity.


When you are staying at a five-star hotel, it is important that you are as comfortable as possible. Importantly, make sure to voice out any concerns you have about your stay. Hotel staff will listen to you and ensure that you enjoy your short stay with them.