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Tips for First Time Backpackers

If you’ve enjoyed both hiking and camping, it might be time to combine the two and try out backpacking. If this is something you’ve always dreamed of but didn’t know where or when to begin, now is the time. Some backpacking buffs have shared tips from their years of backpacking…

Travel Insurance

Is Your Travel Insurance Policy Adequate?

Lamentably, many individuals who purchase protection don’t read the fine print. This can prompt dissatisfaction and disappointment when a claim is diminished or isn’t paid at all in light of the fact that there is restricted or no cover. On account of travel protection its especially vital to comprehend the…

Desert safari

Experience desert in modern way

Dubai is an Arab country which is well known for its rich culture and deserts. The temperature in deserts is mostly high during day time but at the night the temperature goes down and it becomes cooler. This is the main reason that it attracts the tourists in here. If…