Resorts for Couples in Manesar

Those that often travel times to get away from it all have the belief that resorts will provide for them the maximum rest. The resorts that travelers are always going to have so many exceptional on-site amenities that brings the guests to the height of enjoyment.   Such is the case with the Manesar resorts. Manesar is a little industrial community in the National Capital Region of India. It is well-known for its industrialization which makes it a surprise that it also harbors the best resorts for couples.

Since Manesar is a developing city, it is accommodating so many aspects that make a successful city to provide people with everything they need. The city of Manesar is close to New Delhi and Gurgaon which makes it the perfect place for everybody’s recreation. Manesar resorts are well-known for their full corporate culture adoption even as it is an industrialized area. To be precise, the resorts for couples in Manesar offer a difference from the usual city throb and buzz.

If you and your partner want to go to Manesar for a getaway, you don’t need to disturb yourself for places to go to or where to stay. Just read down, and you will learn about the best resorts for couples in Manesar.

1.    The Golden Turtle Farm

If you want the perfect quiet place you can relax with your partner, it is this place. It is widespread of farmhouse cum resort that encompasses 4 acres of land. The Golden Turtle Farm is located near Manesar, and it is quite peaceful for a rejuvenating weekend rest. To get to this farm can only take you 45 minutes if you are coming from Gurgaon.

This farmhouse cum resort provides six well-decorated rooms equipped with the latest modern amenities, indoor activities such as; DVD library, carom, and books, outdoor games such as football, tennis, cricket, and basketball respectively. The Golden Turtle Farm is affordable and the best resort in Manesar if you want to go on Picnics for the day.

It even has a kitchen garden and other outdoor games like commando net, flying fox, Burma Bridge, and Ropewalk.

2.    Camp Mustang

This camp is a highly desired by people who come to this region. It is very close to New Delhi also another industrial zone in the National Capital. You can organize your corporate day parties and get together in camp mustang since it provides Lounge, conference room and tents. It has the edge over the usual resort which is quite refreshing as far as you want simplicity and yet exciting place.

This resort provides its guest with delightful services that makes them want to come again. Such services like delicious food, improving the visitor’s experiences and activities. This camp is located right at the center of civilization, and it has completely furnished accommodations even those with the tent style design. This tent style accommodation provides the resort guest with the real feeling of going out to camp. The services provided in this resort focus on customer convenience with added modern facilities.

The accommodations and services offered by the Camp Mustang are the best. They usually consider the guest’s food preferences. There are food provisions for vegetarians and non-vegetarian, so many activities to entertain the guests like; trekking, artificial rock climbing, Burma Bridge and commando net respectively. You can easily reach this camp either by road which will take you about 2- 3 hours’ drive from New Delhi or by air via Indira Gandhi International Airport.

3.    Heritage Village Resort and Spa Manesar

If you want an authentic in design resort for your day picnic or stay, the Heritage Village resort is the perfect place for you. The location of this resort is very close to Manesar for about 17 km from Gurgaon no wonder it is prominent in the region. Just the authentic design alone of this resort’s building serves as a magnet for tourists. This camp can be located easily and provides its guest with refreshing and engaging activities.  The price for this resort is affordable for two people so that those that do not like to spend much just for a weekend getaway can benefit.

Heritage Village resort offers outstanding services like picking and dropping off of their guest at the airport which reduces stress for the visitors. They also provide excursions, visit the Heritage Museum, Golf, and shopping respectively. There is food provision for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians with the availability of liquor.

It only takes about 2-3 hour drive from New Delhi if you are traveling by road. If you decide to travel by air, you can board a plane at the Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi.

4.    Best Western Resort Country Club

Just as the name specifies, this country club is another highly amazing weekend resorts in Manesar where you and your partner can chill out. It is a just 30-minute drive from Gurgaon and offers up to 117 well-decorated rooms and suites, sports ground and beautiful restaurants.

It is widespread that sprawls over five acreages of land with a fitness center, swimming pool for refreshment, an in-house spa and a long rage of entertaining games indoors and outdoors. The Best Western Resort Country Club is also popular for exclusively hosting lavish wedding ceremonies.

The price is reasonable each night, and you are free to choose the package you want such as; the honeymoon packages, adventure camp package, kitty party package, senior citizens package and corporate and kids packages.

5.    Paradise Green Resort

This particular resort is well-known as a perfect getaway for a romantic weekend. The design for this resort is done to meet all the desires of their guests and tourists to the region. In this resort, you will find nature’s wonderful beauty, relaxation, and rejuvenation just with the atmosphere of this enticing resort.

The distance from Manesar is not far just 10 kilometers away or 11 km from Gurgaon. People that visit this resort are delighted with their services and the modern amenities they provide. They offer food for vegetarians and non-vegetarians and amenities like an on-call doctor, conference hall, Internet, hairdryer, banquet hall, running hot water, parking, and laundry. The price range is also affordable for the visitors no matter how many they are.


Are you planning to have a great time with your spouse anytime soon, go to Manesar and enjoy. Every resort we mentioned in this article has all it takes to make your stay worthwhile. Ah! They are all affordable as well.